Beyond mere rhetoric, we believe in a sustainable way of living, setting daily standards to emulate.  We are proud that for our debut collection of SU78 swimwear everything is made using the highest quality, sustainable materials. As our brand evolves and grows, we are committed to enhancing our sustainable efforts across all platforms of our business and are committed to updating our community along our journey.


All our swim fabrics are sustainable and are made from Recycled Nylon yarns. All fabrics are also Control Union Certified and meet the Global Recycled Standards. 


In addition, we made a conscious decision to not include removable pads in our swim tops. Removable pads are a major contributor to our global landfills, and we believe that if a woman requires one for her swim top, more than likely she has one in her current swim wardrobe that she can re-purpose.  That said, we have added a clean finished cup pocket to each cup where a universal swim pad can easily be inserted.


Our sustainability ethos doesn’t stop at our garments! We’re committed to an environmentally friendly way of getting our product to you as well. Our shipping packs and mailers are 100% Compostable and will naturally biodegrade into the environment, leaving behind no harmful waste. Our boxes and packaging are made from recycled materials as well.

factory partners

Our collection of swimwear and ready to wear is made in state-of-the-art factories where sustainability is engrained in their essence. Our factories have an unwavering commitment to forging a future with zero environmental impact, ensuring that every move they make leaves a positive footprint. Our factories are in harmony with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).