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Our sexy demi underwire top is your quintessential go-to beach bra with our high waist high leg bottom is as flattering as it gets!

Model is 5'10", 32B bust, 25" waist, 35.5" hips. Wearing a size small.



The Harley Top in Netting offers a sexy demi neckline and sustainable craftsmanship, perfect for the fashion-forward environmentalist.

  • Made with eco-friendly stretch netting for a chic, sustainable choice.
  • Sexy demi neckline with a clean finish for sleek allure.
  • Adjustable over-the-shoulder straps for a custom fit.
  • Beautiful matte black rings and sliders add sophisticated detailing.
  • Fully lined with eco-friendly shiny tricot for ultimate comfort.
  • Swimwear tops sewn with clean finished pockets for optional padding. SU78 does not provide padding in our bikinis as part of our sustainability practices.
  • Matte black clasp with SU78 logo at center back for secure and stylish fastening.


Discover the Aimee Bottom in Netting, where eco-conscious design meets beachside sophistication in a high-waisted, cheeky silhouette.

  • Eco-friendly stretch netting for a unique, sustainable style.
  • High waist design enhances and flatters your natural silhouette.
  • Modern high leg cut to elegantly elongate your figure.
  • Classic cheeky coverage for a playful and refined aesthetic.
  • Fully lined with eco-friendly shiny tricot, combining comfort with eco-conscious fashion.

To ensure that your SU78 swimsuit remains vibrant and in perfect shape for as long as possible, we recommend adhering to the following detailed care instructions. Our swimsuits are made with high-quality materials designed to withstand the elements, but a bit of extra care on your part can greatly extend their beauty and longevity.

Hand Wash in Cool Water

  • After enjoying the water, gently hand wash your swimsuit in cool water. This is crucial for removing chlorine, saltwater, or lotions that can degrade the fabric over time. Opt for a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics to ensure the colors remain vibrant and the material stays supple.

Lay Flat to Dry

  • Once washed, carefully squeeze out any excess water from your swimsuit. It's important not to wring the fabric, as this can damage the fibers and alter the shape of your garment. Lay your swimsuit flat on a clean, dry towel, away from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can cause the colors to fade and the fabric to weaken. Allow it to air dry completely before storing.

Additional Tips for SU78 Swimsuit Care:

  • Avoid Rough Surfaces: Be cautious of where you sit or lean when wearing your swimsuit, as rough surfaces can snag and damage the fabric.
  • Rotate Swimsuits: For those who frequently enjoy water activities, rotating between a few swimsuits allows each piece ample time to regain its shape and elasticity between wears.
  • Storage: Once your swimsuit is completely dry, store it in a cool, dry place. Fold it neatly or lay it flat in a drawer, avoiding any folds that could crease or damage the fabric.
  • Avoid High Heat: Never use a dryer or an iron on your swimsuit. High heat can irreversibly damage the fibers, elasticity, and the vibrant colors of the fabric.

By following these care instructions, you'll ensure that your SU78 swimsuit remains as stunning and comfortable as the day you purchased it.